School Lunch Program Coordinatior

Umo "Ho" Nation Public School   Macy, NE   Full-time     Education
Posted on February 11, 2024

School Lunch Program Coordinatior

Umo "Ho" Nation Public School (UNPS) in Macy, Nebraska is seeking a School Lunch Program Coordinator to lead the School Lunch Program at UNPS in order to serve students appealing, nutritious meals following established guidelines.

Ideal candidates for this position have knowledge of Federal and Nebraska food guidelines and regulations for food service as well as prior supervision experience. Must possess initiative, ingenuity, and patience to ensure the School Lunch Program runs efficiently.

DESCRIPTION: To serve the students appealing, nutritious meals following established guidelines and provide a comfortable atmosphere for students. The School Lunch Program must follow all sanitation guidelines and the Nebraska, Federal, and Tribal Food Code. The School Lunch Program must run efficiently.

• Plans and directs the preparation and serving of all food in the cafeteria. Determines the quantities of each food to be prepared daily. Determines the size of serving to meet the necessary requirements with regard to the ages of those served.
• Creates monthly menus that meet or exceed the nutrition requirements established by USDA nutrition standards, UNPS Board of Education, and Superintendent.
• Assumes responsibility for the security of food and supplies. Checks food shipments into the school, signs invoices only after each order has been verified. Maintains a correct monthly inventory. Orders on a weekly basis all necessary supplies.
• Supervises the storage and care of foods and supplies. Records all food requisitions from the storeroom, and records all meals served, designating with or without milk.
• Sees that menus are followed without deviation. Prepares food according to a planned menu and tested, uniform recipes, and determines if the finished product is of best quality both in flavor and appearance before it is served.
• Supervises and participates in the preparation and serving of food.
• Assigns, directs, plans, and supervises the work of kitchen employees. Supervises and instructs in the safe, proper, and efficient use of all kitchen equipment. Instructs new employees in performing their assigned tasks.
• Reports immediately to the principal any problem or accident occurring in the kitchen or cafeteria premises.
• Completes state production records per meal pattern indicating vendor, records number of serving/pounds, all items used and completes the required form.
• Supervises and participates in the daily cleaning of kitchen, serving, storage, and dining areas, all kitchen equipment, and the washing and sterilizing of all dishes, silverware, and utensils. Maintains the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in the kitchen.
• Directs sanitation procedures, inspects the kitchen, cooking and mixing utensils, and employees for cleanliness and sanitary purposes.

• Keeps monthly logs for the main freezer, refrigerator, and milk cooler.
• Works closely with business manager (providing packing slips, invoices and other documentations).
• Assumes responsibility for checking that all equipment in the kitchen area is in safe, working condition and notifies the proper supervisor when repairs or replacements are needed.
• Problems with equipment or purchases of equipment must be cleared by administration.
• Meets the certification requirements set by the Nebraska School Nutrition Services and the annual training available on-line by using Healthier Generation's website for continuing
education requirements.
• The School Lunch Program Coordinator is responsible for weekly rotation of perishable stock/inventory to eliminate discarding of unused supplies.
• Assigns staff to bake fresh breakfast/lunch menu choices/items.

• Valid driver's license and able to be insured by the school district
• High school diploma
• Supervision experience

• Possess initiative, ingenuity, and patience
• Model professionalism: punctuality, attendance, appropriate dress code and communication.

Umo "Ho" Nation Public School is located 30 miles south of Sioux City, IA.